StopHIVATL Launches Free Fentanyl Test Strip Program

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Atlanta, GA, January 12, 2023 Today, StopHIVATL, a healthcare consortium dedicated to promoting sexual health and harm reduction, announced their progressive program to distribute and provide free fentanyl test kits in metropolitan Atlanta counties. This latest community-centered effort by StopHIVATL aims to provide no-cost fentanyl test strip packets to mitigate fentanyl-related overdoses in Metro Atlanta. 

Fulton County Board of Health’s Sexual Health Director, Joshua O’Neal (he/him), stated: 

StopHIVATL’s platform to promote sexual health and healthy sexuality connects people to tools, information, and services so they can live their best lives. It’s also a mechanism to magnify health messaging and issues impacting communities we prioritize across Metro Atlanta, particularly those most affected by HIV. In the South, harm reduction is not widely known, and centering drug user health is not something we often see. We’re encouraging harm reduction with the free fentanyl test strip distribution project and hope this program reaches underrepresented and disproportionately affected communities.

Since harm reduction strategies are at the heart of StopHIVATL’s mission, the organization aims to make these test strips easily accessible to communities disproportionately affected by overdoses. Below are the core details of the fentanyl test strip program:

  • After seeing the health, social, and resource disparities among Black, Brown, and queer communities in Atlanta, StopHIV launched the fentanyl test strip program.
  • Individuals can get a free Fentanyl test kit by filling out the form on the StopHIVATL website.
  • Fentanyl test strips are also available across metro Atlanta at the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, local pharmacies, and even online at retailers like Amazon.
  • The fentanyl test strips are free and available in health centers where folks can receive HIV resources. HIV resources at these centers may include testing, pre-exposure preventative treatment (including PrEP), and post-exposure care options.

In partnership with the Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, StopHIVATL is committed to providing underresourced communities with the tools necessary to expand health literacy, establish harm-reducing approaches to reduce overdose deaths, and prevent HIV and Hepatitis C transmission for individuals who have a relationship with substances. 

About StopHIVATL: StopHIVATL is an organization based on promoting harm reduction, sexual health, sex positivity, and health engagement. They provide inclusive, zero-judgment information and resources on sexual health, drug user safety, monkeypox, community events and more. The testing, prevention (PrEP), and treatment resources StopHIVATL refer to interested parties are always confidential, secure and accessible to those living in Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and Cobb Counties. 

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Joshua O’Neal
Director of Sexual Health
Medical and Preventive Services
Fulton County Board of Health
10 Park Place | 6th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303
Office: (404) 613-1411
Email: [email protected]