StopHIV Atlanta Offers Critical Resources to Underserved Communities; Determines to Expand Community-Based Offerings

Atlanta, GA, February 26, 2023 — To connect folks in the Atlanta Metropolitan area with the right tools needed to thrive, StopHIV Atlanta’s mission centers on offering community-based sexual health and harm reduction resources and education. StopHIVATL offers a sex-positive, judgment-free platform focused on reaching LGBTQ+, Black, and Brown individuals that would benefit from its gratuitous resources. 

Upon noticing health literacy and access discrepancies among underserved communities, StopHIVATL established its platform as a liaison between communities in need and sexual health and drug safety resources. Through this press release, StopHIVATL announces its progressive tools available to those in the Atlanta Metropolitan area. Below, are critical resources StopHIVATL offers to those in Atlanta:

  • Sexual Health | HIV Prevention

StopHIVATL makes finding sexual health and HIV prevention services easy. Through the StopHIVATL website, users can obtain critical information about HIV testing and pre-exposure preventative treatment (including PrEP). Additionally, individuals can find their nearest testing and care center by using the widgets on the appropriate FAQ page. 

  • Free Testing Supplies

Free testing supplies are crucial to maintaining the privacy and anonymity of those who are interested in testing options. Luckily, StopHIVATL recognizes the need for discrete and convenient testing options. In response to the drastic rise in fentanyl-related overdose deaths, and through partnering with the Atlanta Harm Coalition, folks can order free test strips to test substances for fentanyl on the StopHIVATL website. Additionally, those seeking at-home STI and STD testing can find free test kits here

  • Social Media

As one of the most powerful tools to reach those in the metro Atlanta area, our social media platforms are a source of education, awareness, and advocacy. Through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, StopHIVATL is able to reach a vast audience and direct people toward critical resources and events in Atlanta. 

  • Billboards

To reach those coming in and out of Atlanta, StopHIVATL has implemented a powerful billboard campaign visible from some of the major interstate roads in Georgia. 

  • Navigator Project

In partnership with Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research, we are launching an ambitious health navigator program aimed toward Hispanic people in metro Atlanta. The neutral bilingual and bicultural navigator will connect people to the critical resources they need to enjoy a healthier life, regardless of insurance or imigration status. 

Thanks to funding and liaisons from the Fulton County Board of Health, Emory University’s Center for AIDS Research, The Atlanta Harm Reduction Coalition, and more, StopHIVATL is uniquely positioned to help those in need of critical sexual health and drug safety resources. Through community-based advocacy, StopHIVATL fosters awareness for harm reduction strategies and care options. StopHIV Atlanta’s mission will also extend beyond free testing supplies and access to HIV prevention. In the future, StopHIVATL plans to incorporate a syringe distribution program so folks in metro communities can have access to safer supplies.

About StopHIVATL: StopHIVATL is an organization based on promoting harm reduction, sexual health, sex positivity, and health engagement. They provide inclusive, zero-judgment information and resources on sexual health, drug user safety, Mpox, community events and more. The testing, prevention (PrEP), and treatment resources StopHIVATL refer to interested parties are always confidential, secure and accessible to those living in Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb, and Cobb Counties. 

Want to learn more about StopHIVATL’s mission and services? Visit 


Joshua O’Neal
Director of Sexual Health
Medical and Preventive Services
Fulton County Board of Health
10 Park Place | 6th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303
Office: (404) 613-1411
Email: [email protected]